Delta class

Leslie Sterling

Leslie S

Leslie is a senior pursuing a major in Environmental Biology and a minor in Art History. She enjoys studying the life cycles of organisms, birdwatching, reading, hiking, and generally escaping from the macromolecular world. Leslie works part-time in the Saint Louis Zoo’s Endocrinology Lab and is looking forward to a career in scientific research. When not endlessly studying DNA and Dada, she lives with her family in Maryland.

Xiran Liu

Xiran L

Xiran is a senior double majoring in Systems Engineering and Computer Science. She comes from Nanjing, China. She is a teaching assistant and grader at Electrical and Systems Engineering Department. She also works as an engineering tutor. In her free time she enjoys listening to music varying from ancient-style Chinese songs to pop punk and EDM.

Ashley Kim

Ashley K

Ashley is a senior majoring in Systems Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and potentially in Economics. She is from Tucson, Arizona so "naturally" she enjoys being outside and enjoying nature and loves country music. On campus she is a facility lead the the Sumer’s Recreation Center.  In her free time she enjoys being outdoors doing anything that allows her to get away from the city life. She's also an ISTP.


Melinda D

Melinda is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She is currently the President of the Beta Xi chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon, and former Secretary and Social Chair.  She enjoys spending time with her sisters, laying in bed with her snacks and netflix, and teaching swimming lessons to children.  

Emily Chu

Emily C

Being a double major in Biomedical Engineering as well as Biology, Emily has managed to tackle the delicate balance of being a WashU student and having a social life. Her hobbies include helping others, dancing, reading, and ornithology. She hopes to become a physician-scientist in the future.

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte S

Charlotte is an adventure seeking, animal loving human being who loves to travel the world. Hailing from Wisconsin, her interests include skiing, soccer, and playing video games. She is studying to become a Mechanical Engineer and her passion is in manufacturing and design.

Epsilon class

Amelia Ma

Amelia M

Amelia is a junior from Hangzhou, China, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a (potential) minor in drama. She is always curious about the cutting-edge tech developments and the field of theoretical physics. She also writes for StudLife and helps out with student theater productions. In her free time, she loves reading, writing, cooking and running.

Anna Ivarson

Anna I

Anna is a senior from Cary, Illinois studying chemical engineering. She is an active member of EnCouncil and happily spends her free time crocheting and crafting, running, being outside, and cooking. Her love for trying new things is reflected in her aspirations to some day build her own home and also visit Antarctica.


Becky S

Becky is a senior from Madison, WI double majoring in Biochemistry and German. She is President of the university's Locks of Love organization and also enjoys keeping up her interest in music by playing flute in the pops orchestra. She loves to play soccer both in IM leagues as well as in pick-up games with friends, and never misses the opportunity to learn a new sport. In her free time she enjoys camping, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Cindy Le Photo

Cindy L

Cindy is a junior majoring in Computer Science. She is from Hangzhou, China, which is famous for its West Lake; She also lived in Ohio for a year in high school. She is a teaching assistant in CS department and a WashU Overnight Welcome Leader. She likes playing the piano and singing popular songs in her spare time.

Claire Yuan

Claire Y

Claire is a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Design. She is from Hangzhou, China, and enjoys enjoy pool games, traveling and skiing.She’s also the CAO of EMC, a member of DFA and Society of Women Engineers. The real reason why she chose CS as my major is that CS it sounds like a cool superpower. Right now she is an teaching mentor at a start-up. and an Engineering tutor for three CS courses. This year she discovered her new  passion for interaction design, so she would like to meet more sisters who are or have the potential to be coding-design addict.

Emily Morgan

Emily M

Emily is currently a junior pursuing a major in Chemistry. She lives in Skillman, NJ, and her favorite activities include hiking, reading, competing in triathlons, and watching Grey's Anatomy.

Jacqueline Pielli

Jacqueline P

Jacqueline is a junior from Santa Clarita, CA, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  She is secretary of Club Running and volunteers with Studio TESLA, a club that aims to promote interest in STEAM in local middle school students. In her free time, Jacqueline enjoys watching movies, running (when she's not injured), and eating bean-based meals--and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Her favorite part of A.O.E. is getting to be with all of the wonderful, unique, and quirky sisters!

Julia Burns

Julia B

Julia is a junior from Mountain View, CA, studying mathematics and computer science. In her free time, she enjoys doodling, hiking, thrift shopping, and petting dogs and cats. She is excited to continue getting to know all of the awesome personalities of her AΩE sisters!

Sirui Li

Sirui L

Sirui is a junior majoring in Computer Science. She is from Nanjing, China. She loves reading, running, listening to music and the pianos. She likes playing Go, which she started to play at 4 years old. She is impressed with the artificial intelligence of AlphaGo, and wants to write her own program of Go some time in the future. She loves AΩE so much because of all her most awesome sisters!

Yvette Anguiano

Yvette A

Yvette is currently a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She is studying Portuguese also! She’s from Dallas, TX and she came to WashU to join the Rodriguez Scholars Program as well as to be a bear of the Class of 2018. Her main commitments on campus are being the Rodriguez Scholars intern and one of the Celebration Days interns in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. She is also involved with EnCouncil and ALAS. She also currently works in a research lab in the Material Sciences Department. When she is not doing school, she loves to explore the food scenes in St. Louis--Cherokee Street being one of her favorite locations to eat! She is excited for her journey to come as a candidate of A.O.E.!


Stella Fang

Stella F

Stella is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an interest in aerospace. She is from Denver, CO and therefore has no conceptual grasp of large bodies of water. When she isn't skiing or snowboarding, Stella enjoys reading up on fighter jets, running tech for Wash U student shows, or eating coleslaw.


Xueyan X

Xueyan is a junior majoring in Computer Science. She is from Nanjing, China. She likes playing table tennis (ping pong). On the women’s team, She has been to several competitions with other players in the table tennis club. She is also involved in EnCouncil and She is cheap-lunch chair this semester. In her free time, she loves reading books and watching movies and TV series.

Zeta class


Beryl R

Beryl is a sophomore from Wuhan, China majoring in Applied Math with a (potential) minor in Psychology. She is involved in CS40 and volunteers with Campus Kitchen. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, petting dogs and cats, playing violin and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

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Carol P

Carol is a sophomore steminist from Chicago, Illinois. Although she’s still trying to figure out her major, Carol enjoys taking part in clubs and giving back to the community. Currently she serves as a high school tutor in the Niños, Cambios, Puertas program and participates in programs sponsored by the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS). In her free time, Carol enjoys playing card games and exploring St. Louis.

Ginny Burrows

Ginny B

Ginny is a sophomore from Potomac, Maryland, majoring in Electrical Engineering. She enjoys hiking, reading, rock climbing, and spending time with her dog. She is excited to get to know her sisters and become more involved with AOE.

Ina Chen

Ina C

Ina is a sophomore in the Engineering department, potentially majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She enjoys studying the mechanism of organism functioning, reading, hiking, traveling, baking, photography, and making handcrafts. She is from Nanjing, China. That is a faraway but really beautiful southern city. She just simply loves to craft things out of anything whenever and wherever possible.

Jackie Wong

Jackie W

Jackie is a sophomore from St. Louis Missouri majoring in Computer Science. She is a member of Design For America, Women in Computer Science, and the Hong Kong Student Association. In her free time, she loves to dance, do yoga, and spend time with family and friends. Jackie is so excited to be in AOE with such awesome sisters!

Kristine Ehlinger

Kristine E

Kristine is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, and is studying Systems Science and Engineering. When she is not doing school work, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix, exploring St. Louis, and doing logic puzzles. One reason she wanted to join AOE was to be part of a community of women in STEM at WashU.

Michelle Hedlund

Michelle H

Michelle is a sophomore from Springfield, IL studying Biomedical Engineering.  When not studying, she enjoys running, spending time outside, attending plays, and playing with dogs.  She currently works at the scene shop building sets for plays and has a job at the library.

Michelle Le

Michelle L

Michelle is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She is from a small town called Warner Robins, GA. She is a TA for Circuits and a Chemistry RPM. She loves to dance, spend time with friends, cook, play video games, and thrift shop. One of her favorite things to do is try out different study spots around St. Louis, especially cafes since she's addicted to coffee!

Yilenda Dong

Yilenda D

Yilenda is a sophomore majoring in Chemistry and minoring in East Asian Studies. She is from Beijing, China and has particular interest in ancient Chinese literature. She loves Japanese animation, which sparks her passion in Japanese language as well as culture. She is a foodie, a good restraunt explorer whose first and primary task upon arriving a new city is finding a nice place for dinner.

Yuanyuan He

Yuanyuan H

Yuanyuan is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Art. Growing up in Shanghai, China, Yuanyuan went to an international boarding school in Indiana for three years before college. She is wearing a pair of glasses because she spent too much childhood time watching tv shows and playing puzzles. Of course, she studied hard as well. Y2 is her favorite nick name that she got from her high school speech team. She loves playing the piano, going to art museums, and cooking for friends. In her free time, she works out, reads and explores new places. Yuanyuan loves being around with AΩE sisters all of whom are incredibly supportive, smart, and inspiring!